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'small town secret,no such creature' - and you you just sit around & ask for ashtrays,can't you reach?

Dec. 4th, 2005

09:08 am - 'small town secret,no such creature'

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got Snapper's 'tomcat' stuck in my head,just the

'maladusted little shit...
eats his own kind...
chainsaw sitting by his side

oh how many bookshops have i carried today
then sitting at mcdonald's with heather,tom,niamh,sorcha,dean some girl and jesus like old times but grisly i had to go out and smoke i couldn't eat or talk just sortof look at breasts and yawn,what a guy...

cowboy boots fucked my feet
boxes fucked my arms...
but i just put a stella in the freezer,made a pretty stoner appointment and shall now undress and recline...but for a pet cat,an sexual encounter and a really good book i am right sorted for the nonce

god you know i left shortly after ten for the bookshop
waited roughly an hour
'dun boxes'
joined them on their tea break
and arrived at ten to ten
i hate to think what i'm gonna feel like tomorrow
so what's new squire...

yeah yeah yeah and it's been another five/six v's today,bloody excess
after a day working for tom and heather well..
my urine's green and that's all there is to it
oh decorum and dignity hast thou deserted me in this my darkest hour?

starting to feel like gram parsons only he was ever so sexy
and wore that fab dope jacket
You i want You to compliment me about that song please
whereas you,well why not take a running jump?
i've often wondered..well i was gonna go somewhere with that but it didn't work out
turned into a little old man selling coins on the street
well,at least a mental image of him..not a physical apparition as it were
god,the bollocks
the guilty orro is the only thing getting me down just now...
which is nice,as far as it goes
and i have watched myself perform in social situations recently with such admirable results it's as thoughi never left the stage...despite that the right folk,being right,will always see through me...still the old ladies and the young hussies and the man in the street curtsey when they pick up my scent...sort of like something but anyhow,basically it means i can still,at a pinch,charm the bollocks off people i disrespect...fine and dandy...now see this time around i am trying to.. not cock up the charm on the till front...uh i believe an appropriate reference would be 'what a pity you know me you're weary of me all bitter and lonely..' ...i alternate vbetween calling that song 'pity i wrote it' and 'just lovely'..it's polemical enough to stand,i reckon...coz it's too heavy for me to carry..like..uh...by which i meani can't be arsed deciding..or i can't decide
oh decision
it doesn't bother me..or anyone..we know how things work...trial and error bashes a path,yet always the damn pretence..gosh i've got so many more important things to pretend than to pretend it matters who decides what or what happens when... yes,even I have...
listening to lotsa the clean...love em,takes me back..i was raised on the 'topless women talk about their lives' soundtrack...gave billie the clean for christmas which i plan to do to You as well,sod surprise...it'd have been a fairly minor shock in any case...
oh yes and i found phoebe a present,a quintet of poirot stories in one handy broken volume...i bought 'anthology' to complete my bestofcleancompilation frenzy so i will give it to either pater or mater... see trouble is i'm so ungrateful i don't think they deserve it
i mean of course they do...they deserve..well a lot of compensation for me..
but a gift with personality?
to the two ingredients that have given my character this awful slant of ....complete boring numbing genial mundanity with bloody rich vital cracking melodrama
hannah has turned out fine
except we're all so very selfish
me the most
then phoebe
but..perhaps it's 'society'
no no,and the pafrents have done everything that seemed right
i think they just gave us ...good brains and early reading...which
taught us to think
taught us to lie
taught us to weasel
so we didn't get caught so much and learn perhaps some socalled lessons

well frankly,there's not enough time
and i don't mind being a sinner
it's a thought....going round and giving people what they have always wanted then killing them so they go out cheery enough,do them over and use the cash tohappy up person number two
it's odd that what is clearly a favour is clearly sick and terrible
it's coz 'people' are something that cannot rightly be talked about
they are not possible to factually express or even consider
they happen to situations yeah

or crappen to them
and crap unto this
gag unto me with a spoon,it's bollocks this

Current Mood: obviously loquacious
Current Music: Morrissey