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Come and Get it Little Fagin - and you you just sit around & ask for ashtrays,can't you reach?

Dec. 2nd, 2005

07:57 am - Come and Get it Little Fagin

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they described your number with the cards buddy
you have been working too hard,buddy
your nose is all bloody holding roses and some muddy
overcoats from helping ladies your
politeness drives them crazy you're a cypress he's a daisy
with a rock and a bucket of chicken you'll settle his hash,alright...

a couple self-consciously holding hands
a boy with ugly pants
clean sound,clean air
vaccuum cleaners with bats
attached are on the ground and
anything could happen...
and here come the crew,o yesteryear,o molten rock o
mould and mildew

oh,remember to send her calzones as well

putting commas in front of our intentions we swerve off the road to pick up dead cyclists from mounds and rustic tombs...when the air gets thick we roll the windows up and are immersed in sick blue clouds and thin,rakish poisonous gases...the mountain breaks before us and swivels around on its hind legs,slavering tooth jawed horrific monster slice right through you like a hot wife through brothers...
'dirty creature coming my way..'

Current Mood: clapboard-evangelical
Current Music: I'm Not Your Fool Anymore-Tom Waits