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peeking under the floorboards - and you you just sit around & ask for ashtrays,can't you reach?

Dec. 1st, 2005

06:12 am - peeking under the floorboards

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send her paraguay,send estragon,send her frills and car accidents and settlements and high fashion publications...send her books about egypt,send sheikhs and tigers, pimps, bipeds, mulattos ,hairspray and cameras 'to remember how good you looked' plus bouquets and rakes and coffee and twelve briefcases in the boot of a mercedes benz,send maps and highlights, toiletries and noparking signs and fancy underwear and little guns to go with it send her a lampshade and a ship in a bottle and some tumeric, some gold-tops, some sneakers,high-heels, whichever she likes..send ghosts with paper plane haircuts and vinegar smiles who dissolve at the touch but come back in a while...send her a captain's jacket and a free toboggan,send mary queen of scots,a short story about the ocean,gnomes that go bonk in the night and binoculars for seeing.. send her grave mistakes and petty thefts,send jars of honey or leather or mildew,send port royal and speight's and fighter planes and if she doesn't reply send her camouflage and the monkey,send hydroponic kits and gallbladder surgery vouchers send her aneasthetists,fugilists,bank accounts and plageurists,send hummus or paté or an icecream on a stick.. send her memories,park benches,small trees that get little sunlight in out of the reach places,send her postal orders,late nights on the riverbank,tallycharts and guesswork and lovemaking and ratracing and send her a payrise...you could send her a bus timetable,a fork,a cannon,kid-gloves,watch chains why don't you send her a rabbit...maybe send her some eyeliner or some nicotine or clever little tents that fold up when you clap your hands thrice,thusly...send biggles,heavens and betsy and murgatroyd all sealed in their original company wrappers,send the skins of your former lovers,send your eyebrows,send boxes of used kites with 'kansas' printed on them in gold glitter..send snow and glass and things to draw her picture or maybe those purple pansies with black eyes and yellow flashes...send polo mints,a prince among men, paupers,pipelines and a package from the transval,how strange..send her get well soon limousines,send her felt caps and heartfelt and treefelling harnesses with big brassy buckles all polished like a duke..send her conditioner and jumpers and wax and a kiss on the lips or a pet or a crystal or a carton of individuals, cigarettes, milk, strawberries, futons or regicide send her no junk mail.. send her fakirs,errol flynn,w.c fields..send a battered pork pie hat and a well used whip with the compliments of her recently departed, send cheeseboards or fish and chips or snakes in oil or pasta snacks on the boil or throw off this mortal coil or send her her birthplace in envelopes full of soil send her patriots and tinned food and rest over the winter and arms around her and hotels in the sunshine and novels on a clifftop send her parcels wrapped in enigma send her cloves, dictionaries, apostles or her weight in gold..send dumptrucks and steam shovels and clipboards and placards and overcoats and business skirts and things that laugh or crawl or swoop...

Current Mood: .meh..inspired?..meh...cheery?
Current Music: time to decide really