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rotating endorse - and you you just sit around & ask for ashtrays,can't you reach?

Nov. 28th, 2005

09:36 am - rotating endorse

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send her microscopes,send leaves,send frozen doctors coats,send her a brace of candelabras and a piano made of jam,send hosts and hiatus and heimlicks and heaters and hymens and hoplites,hyphens,hitch-hikers and a sandwhich,send her flowers,a lawyer,send her candy stolen from children,send her contraband, convicts, condensation, cocaine, contents pages ripped from outdated geology textbooks,send her a copy of dracula,send her lozenges, goatherds, puppeteers, farriers, obelisks, send her asterisks..send her money send her imported records send fine wine send lice send grey birds with yellow eyestripes send her a pleisiosaur,a fang,a grove,a telescope,futons,filing cabinets,foxgloves..send her little packages,send toothpicks,bottletops and a big sellophane bear full of grass...send her tools and towlettes and tolkiens jawbone and send her fire ants with inscriptions on send her footballers,send her footballers' wives,send hindrance send help send hospitalisation for her enemies send poppadoms for her friends send grit send feathers send gizmos send ghetto blasters send awful young men in horrible trousers with a stick and a target send glistens send gleams send gluten free produce and red rackham's treasure and a dirty novel and a five finger discount and a robot dolphin and pliers,pouches,pocketknives,pocketsful of posies and guts and gravel and hamstring and hamsteaks and smiling alligator boots and pills and a tardis and plenty more besides

i had a pleasant sunny day,i had a nice evening,what next cries the liontamer and the ringmaster hits him with a hammer and a sickl..ittle german girl who gives him a virus

Current Mood: "like stylish,like vague"
Current Music: Like Murder