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that bus conductress don't got no money,why you rob her? - and you you just sit around & ask for ashtrays,can't you reach?

Nov. 27th, 2005

07:59 am - that bus conductress don't got no money,why you rob her?

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so what's new?
lord knows
and seein as he does..well..well,i've got my eye on him,with the lenscap on on the fake binoculars in the little room in the black outfits in the absurdist excerpt in the popular show
so he'd better not hit the 'smite' key and send poor little insertnamehere to bedlam...
so what's new
lord knows
hiding in a mushroom cloud but just the same just the same,you know there's been no hunger left in me for such a long time,only complaints.old,wizened,bitter and newyorkjewish before my time perhaps.fuck i hate woody allen
that brings me round
i'm sick of the baggage (hahaha private joke..well)and also jesus christ what voids all of our interpersonal (loadaballsical) relationships in dunedin are,mind,we're a terribly somethinged generation aren't we.
read some of my writing today,had a good laugh...i've always been quite aware of how stilted all those 'noveaucrapwhatever' bits of 'jive grammar' that i use are..it's unbeleivable that nobody nobody has ever mentioned it,that's society all over..it doesn't cater to not taking oneself (or just ones in general) seriously ...'society doesn't get the joke'
society of course is us
or at least you
coz fuck the truth .i.e of course i'm society but not to meee i'm not am i..
we're supposed to livejournalise with the dunedin crowd as solidarity rebels... others who hate and whine about the society blahandbollocks
to me you're it you sameasmenohopecretins
sometimes you're all so fantastic
but i'd rather be sick
this has become something odd...something hidden...something fork and unhinged...
but then again.,..i suppose
as society,you all don't get the joke...
i'd like to thank all the whining little shits who contribiuted to this entry
by writing that middleish part of it over and over again like an unpleasant smear on a windscreen..

see and when i say such things i expect everybody to laugh with me and go..."yeah,you're right...those wanker bastards..."
of course..they don't because ...well who knows why with these young layabouts
oh fuck this,it's not funny anymore..
that is the lesson.
remember that
you dozy prick,because people do not read this ...
so go..go and check if your father is in bed so you can start filling his house with gas to give him heartburn..
life's dull screenplay...
jesus what?

Current Mood: Jesus What?
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